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Join Us for An ASC Greenway Campout November 3rd-5th, 2017

Stumpy Pond is shown at the lower left of the image above. Click for larger image


Where: Greenway  – Stumpy Bottom Lake area behind the Field Trial barn


When: November  3 – 5, arrive at Greenway’s Field Trial Barn area around 5pm on Friday and pick up at the same location around 10am on Sunday morning.


Cost: $10






1) Cooking  (great opportunity to get Rank requirements around cooking. Also starting the Cooking Merit badge (Eagle required).

Dinner Friday: Dutch Oven Pizza’s – Leaders will provide Ingredients

Breakfast Saturday : Planned by Patrol

Lunch: Planned by Patrol – would recommend something easy

Dinner:  Patrol Competition – Judge by leaders (yum!)

2) Personal Fitness Merit badge (Eagle Required) will be started

3) Other activities planned by the Senior Patrol leader / Patrol leaders from the PLC!!!!!

This should be a fun weekend and a great time to get caught up on Rank Requirements!!!!!!! Plus great food.

Sign up and Pay Here at the TroopMaster site.

Stay Informed With The Monthly Council Newsletter – USCL Merit Badge Opportunity Coming Up

The monthly newsletter of the Palmetto Council comes out on the first Friday of each month and is packed with information and opportunities for our troops and for our scouts.  We suggest clicking on the link below to sign up to receive that email newsletter.

One such opportunity that was listed in this month’s newsletter is an upcoming Merit Badge opportunity for Weather or Chemistry merit badges just down Hwy 521 at USC-Lancaster.  This is not a troop event, but one that scouts can sign up for and arrange transportation for themselves.

Click here for more information on the USC-Lancaster Merit Badge Opportunity


Click here to subscribe to the Palmetto Council monthly Newsletter


October 2017’s Palmetto Council Newsletter

Troop 108’s Popcorn Salesmen Were Featured In This Issue!

Order Your Troop 108 Hoodie Before October 24th

Soon the temperatures will be cooling down and it will be perfect weather for a red Troop 108 hoodie.  If you’ve been around the troop for any length of time then you’ve probably seen some of our scouts and leaders with them on.  They are bright red and have the Troop logo screen printed across the back and a smaller version of the logo on the upper left chest.

These make great Christmas gifts!

They are available in sizes adult small through adult XL for $14 each. and in Size XXL for $15.50 (plus PayPal fee).

You can order until sometime on October 23rd when the ordering will automagically close.  Note that orders will only be placed on October 24th for hoodies for which payment in full has been received.

Click Here To Place Your Order

Troop should arrive in Fort Mill around 1:30pm

The troops return to Fort Mill was delayed by a traffic accident ahead of them on the highway.

 They are hoping to return safely at about 1:30 p.m.

Start Making Plans For Summer Camp 2018 Now!


Troop 108 will be spending a week at Camp Bob Hardin for our summer camp adventure in 2018.  We will leave on June 24th and return on June 30th, 2018.  Costs should be in the $300 range (including the traditional Troop 108 summer camp t-shirt).

More information as well as signups for merit badges will be coming along in the upcoming months, but we did want to give everyone a heads-up and also provide a way for parents to start making summer camp payments if they wish, by using the button in the right sidebar of this page.

Captain Steve’s Popcorn “Show and Sell” Signup

What: Popcorn Show and Sell events where we sell to those coming to eat.

Why: To help our scouts to earn money for Summer Camp in 2018 or their 2018 Northern Tier Experience.  Scouts can also complete requirements for their salesman merit badge.

Where: Captain Steve’s (1975 US-21, Fort Mill, SC 29715)

When:  (there are several options):

  • Friday  – September  22 – from 4:30pm – 8pm
  • Saturday  – September 23 – from 4:00pm – 8pm


  • Friday  – September  29 – from 4:30pm – 8pm
  • Saturday  – September 30 – from 4:00pm – 8pm


  • Friday  – October  6 – from 4:30pm – 8pm
  • Saturday  – October  7 – from 4:00pm – 8pm


Please sign- up BELOW for as many times as you like. Parents are welcome to help out as well.

We usually setup for sales at the Main entrance as well as the Take-out entrance of Captain Steve’s.


Once we sell all Popcorn, the remaining sales times will be canceled so the earlier you sign up the better.


Register To Sell On September 22nd, 2017

Attendee List for PopCorn Sale September 22

1.) Harrison Carter
2.) CJ DeBow
3.) Little Johnny Popcorn
4.) Joshua Scott
5.) Garrett Studer
6.) Scott Studer
7.) Marshall Ware
8.) Eli Whitesell


Register To Sell On September 23rd, 2017

Attendee List for PopCorn Sale September 23

1.) Gray Davis
2.) Ethan Mercado
3.) Marshall Ware
4.) Aidan Warrell
5.) Curtis Whitlow


Register To Sell On September 29th, 2017

Attendee List for PopCorn Sale September 29

1.) CJ DeBow
2.) Brodie Grim
3.) Ethan Mercado
4.) Little Johnny Popcorn
5.) Joshua Scott


Register To Sell On September 30th, 2017

Attendee List for PopCorn Sale September 30

1.) Little Johnny Popcorn


Register To Sell On October 6th, 2017

Attendee List for PopCorn Sale October 6

1.) Little Johnny Popcorn


Register To Sell On October 7th, 2017

Attendee List for PopCorn Sale October 7

1.) Little Johnny Popcorn



No School – No Scouts

With school in FMSD cancelled today due to weather concerns, we will follow our own “No School, No Scouts” rule.

Please stay home and stay safe.  We will see you all next Monday night.

Hurricane Irma Concerns Cancel Beach Sweep Weekend

Due to weather concerns, the York District Activities Team as decided to postpone the planned Beach Sweep Event for this coming weekend.  It may be planned for another weekend at a later time.

With 35 consecutive years of service to the beach community (along with lots of fun) they hated to not continue this year, but the main concern is for the safety of our scouting families.

This also keeps us out of the way of those who call the coastal areas home as they prepare their properties to weather the impending storm.

We will decided late in the weekend, depending upon weather conditions, whether we will be having a troop meeting on Monday night.


Beach Sweep Info – What you need to know….

Those who have signed up to attend Beach Sweep need to know the following:

We will be meeting at Unity Presbyterian Church this Friday at 4:30PM and leaving out by 5PM.

Scouts should pack light (be sure to bring swimming trunks and a towel in addition to normal camping items).

Scouts need to set aside money for a fast food dinner on the way down and money for a fast food breakfast Sunday morning on the way home.  Scouts can also bring money for the snack bar and arcade located in the campground.

We are sending a crack team of adults with years of tent-pitching experience to set up camp for us so our tents will be setup and ready for us when we arrive in the dark.

Hurricane Irma doesn’t appear to be a factor in our event this year except for possibly some rain on the way home.  We will certainly keep an eye out on the storm this week and will adjust our plans accordingly.

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