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Summer Camp – Departure, Arrival and Other Very Important Information

Departure & Arrival

Scouts should arrive at the Bi-Lo parking lot (Hwy 160 W @ Munn Road in Fort Mill) on Sunday on July 10th no later than 11am. They should be in full uniform (we always travel in full uniform) and bring $5 for bottled water to be purchased
while at camp and $10 to help cover the cost of transportation ($15 total). They should bring their medications to the med station that will be set up and also be prepared to provide the combination/or extra keys to their footlocker’s lock.

We will plan to stop and grab a quick bite on the way to AND from camp, so be sure to save extra money for that.
Scouts will return to the same location for pick-up on Saturday, July 16th around 1pm to 2pm and will have your scouts call when we are about 30 minutes away.


Families and friends are encouraged to attend the special family night campfire held  Thursday evening. Units begin to prepare for the campfire at 7:00 pm.  Those planning to attend should arrive in camp prior to that time but not before 4:30pm.

If visiting, please observe the camp speed limit.. NO MEALS WILL BE OFFERED TO VISITORS, so please be sure to eat before you arrive at camp or you may bring a meal to enjoy with your scout.

Mail and Phone

You are encouraged to send mail (with a few extra dollars if you desire) to the following address (substituting your scout’s name in the second line below):

Camp Ho Non Wah
c/o “your scout’s name”, Troop 108
2609 Boy Scout Road
Wadmalaw Island, SC 29487

Keep in mind that there may be two to three days before it reaches camp, so time your letters for arrival while we’re still at summer camp.

Emergency Contact

The emergency phone number for the cam camp is (843) 559‐9302.

Keeping Up With The Fun At Summer Camp

We will be posting pictures galore on the Troop 108 FaceBook page all week long.  This will help parents see the fun and and excitement that their scout is having at summer camp.

Cell Phones & Home Sickness

Normally scouts would not have access to a phone during camp, but because our cell phones today are like a multi-tool which includes a camera, we are going to allow scouts to keep their phones while at camp – as long as they do not become a problem.

Cell phones give a homesick scout (or leader) easy access to call home to try to arrange an early departure from camp.  We encourage parents (and spouses of leaders) not to give in to pleas to be able to end their summer camp adventure early.

Lending Money

Scouts should know that the rule in Troop 108 is that if you lend someone money that you have actually given them money with no expectation of being paid back.  Leaders will not act as referee between scouts who have borrowed/loaned money.

What to Pack

Be sure to see our “what to pack” list which can be found by clicking this link  —>  Packing List for Summer Camp
There may be other things not found on the list that your scout may want/need to bring as well.

Last Call For Pre-Summer Camp Swim Tests – Tonight @ 6pm

BSA - Swim TestDon’t forget that we have our final pre-camp swim test scheduled for tonight at 6PM at Leroy Springs Recreation Complex.

Be prepared to advise your T-shirt size you want for your Summer Camp T-shirt when you take your test.  We will be ordering T-shirts tomorrow.

CLICK HERE to see the website post with all of the details.  Don’t forget to come dressed ready to swim and with your towel and $5 fee (unless you’re a member of the complex).

Those scouts and leaders that don’t complete a swim test prior to camp will have the opportunity to do so while at camp.

Swim Test Reminder…

Don’t forget that we have swim tests scheduled tonight and tomorrow night at Leroy Springs Recreation Complex.

Be prepared to advise your T-shirt size you want for your Summer Camp T-shirt when you take your test.  We will be ordering T-shirts on Thursday of this week.

CLICK HERE to see the website post with all of the details.  Don’t forget to come dressed ready to swim and with your towel and $5 fee (unless you’re a member of the complex).


Sign Up For The ASC Greenway Campout/Backpacking Event

BSA - landing_camping_backpacking

With the start of Summer we’re having a tough time getting a feel for the number of scouts that plan to attend the campout/backpacking event coming up this weekend at the ASC Greenway.  To give us a better idea, we ask that scouts that are planning to attend use the appropriate sign up link below.

If you’re planning on attending the backpacking event, then select that link below.  If you’re planning to attend the campout (but not backpacking) then choose that link below.

Cost and drop off / pickup times will be the same for both groups as listed in the registration form found at the links below.

Click Here to Register For The CampOut Option (No Backpacking)


Attendee List for ASC Greenway Campout (not backpacking)

1.) Caeden Intemann
2.) Russell Mchenry
3.) Harrison Morgan
4.) Josue Perla
5.) Ben Ross
6.) Noah Ross
7.) Tracy Ross
8.) Curtis Whitlow



Click Here to Register For The Backpacking Only Option


Attendee List for ASC Greenway Backpacking (not Campout)

1.) Aaron Cecil
2.) Tyler Manis
3.) Bill Murphree
4.) Josue Perla
5.) Jonathan Pool



Patrol Leader’s Council Meeting only on May 13th

BSA - PLC Header

Tonight’s meeting is a Patrol Leader’s Council meeting only.  Those who are on the Patrol Leader’s Council should be in attendance.  Those not on the PLC but who want to observe the process are welcome to observe the planning process that the youth leadership team goes through each month to plan our troop meetings and outings.

There will be no formal opening or closing and the meeting will end when the PLC is complete – typically before the usual 8:30pm meeting end time.

Swim Tests Scheduled


Swim tests will be held for an hour on Tuesday, June 21 at 6pm at the Leroy Springs Complex. There will be a makeup test scheduled for an hour on Wednesday, June 22 @ 6pm.

This will really speed up the check-in process when the Troop arrives at summer camp in July.

There will be a $5 charge from the Complex to do the test.  Please come dressed in your swimsuit with a towel.  Don’t forget goggles, if that is your preference.

Just a reminder too that scouts and adults need an updated BSA physical with parts A, B and C completed.


Volunteers Needed To Assist With Upcoming Eagle Project

eagle scout project


Grant F. will soon be working on his Eagle project and has the following manpower needs:

  • 6 Scouts and 2 adults on the 12th of June
  • 2 Scouts and 1 adult on the 18th of June

If more scouts and adults come that is great.  Grant advised that because of the nature of the work being done that he has a real need for multiple Scouts that are 14 and older.

Meet up with Grant and the team 250 Dairy Barn Ln, Fort Mill, SC , 29715.  They plan to start at 9am and go to 3pm each day and  lunch will be provided.

Participants only need to bring themselves and work clothes.  Everything else will be provided.

Sign up using the links below for the day or days you can help out.

Click Here to Sign Up For June 12th

Attendee List for Grant's Eagle Project - Workday June 12th

1.) Mattnew Finch
2.) Josue Perla
3.) Aidan Puzzio
4.) Trevor Puzzio


Click Here to Sign Up For June 18th

Attendee List for Grant's Eagle Project - Workday June 18th

1.) Josue Perla
2.) Robby Sewell


Prepared for Life!

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