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Paying For Next Year’s Summer Camp Experience

As you probably know, we loved our Camp Ho Non Wah experience this summer so much that we have already booked a return visit for next summer.  Parents have asked for a way to make paying for summer camp easier and we have a couple of options that we believe will help.

Option 1:

Get your scout(s) involved in selling Trials End Popcorn in the upcoming sale.  The profit that they make from their efforts can be applied to the cost of summer camp (or any scouting activity that is coming up).

Option 2:

Use the button below to make several (monthly?) payments across time, starting now, to help to spread the cost of summer camp out across a longer period of time.

Summer Camp 2016 – Early Payment Option – $25  (actually $26.06)

The payment button can also be found on the right side of the webpage for ease of use in the months to come.

Eagle Project Work Day Today and Tomorrow


Today and tomorrow beginning at 7:30am and going until 3:00pm each day, Will J. will be leading volunteers in the completion his Eagle Scout Project.   He is directing the construction of a much needed walkway and exercise deck area at the JROTC building at Nation Ford High School.
Will asks that you bring shovels, rakes, hoes and screw drivers with star bits if you have them.

Mock Troop Mobilization Event on Monday, June 29th @ 6:50pm

troop mobilization logo

Part of the Emergency Preparedness merit badge is to plan and carry out a mock Troop Mobilization.  A troop mobilization plan is important because it allows members of Troop 108:

  • To provide a structure for timely and predictable response to emergency conditions.
  • To provide a method for mobilization of Boy Scout Troop 108 to serve the community’s needs in times of an emergency
  • To provide support to local emergency response agencies.

Two of our scouts are holding a mock Troop Mobilization on Monday, June 29th at 6:50pm with the gathering location set as the flag pole at the Post Office across from the troop’s regular meeting place. We will then move, as a group, over to Unity Presbyterian Church for the 7pm start of the troop meeting.

This drill will serve to gauge the effectiveness of our webpage as a notification system and to provide information to those in attendance.  Those scouts that get the message and are able to mobilize and attend the drill will be rewarded with candy for their efforts and participation.  Once gathered, the two scouts holding the drill for their merit badge work will briefly discuss why we have a Troop Mobilization Plan and what it is all about and how it might be put to use, if needed.

Thank you in advance for your assistance with this drill.

Summer Camp Departure & Arrival Times, Mailing Address, Packing List & More!

Scouts should arrive at the Bi-Lo parking lot (Fort Mill) on Sunday on July 5th no later than 11am. They should be in full uniform (we always travel in full uniform) and bring $5 for bottled water to be purchased
while at camp. They should bring their medications to the med station that will be set up and also be prepared to provide the combination/or extra keys to their footlocker’s lock.
We will plan to stop and grab a quick bite on the way to AND from camp, so be sure to save extra money for that.
Scouts will return to the same location for pick-up on Saturday, July 11th around 1pm to 2pm and will call when we are about 30 minutes away.


Because of the busy schedule a camper maintains at camp, we recommend that parents and friends limit their visits to the camp to check-in on Sunday and check-out on Saturday. Families and friends are encouraged to attend the special family night campfire held each Thursday evening. Units begin to prepare for the campfire at 7:00 pm. Those planning to attend should arrive in camp prior to that time.

If visiting, please observe the camp speed limit. The life you save may be your son’s. NO MEALS WILL BE OFFERED TO VISITORS, so please be sure to eat before you arrive at camp.

The information above as well as mailing and phone information and a sample packing list are found in the PDF document below.

Summer Camp Info and Packing list


Don’t forget that if you want to order one of the troop “skeeter shirts” for this year’s summer camp experience you can do so by clicking the link below up to June 17th, 2015 (scouts will already get a Camp Ho Non Wah shirt which is included in the price of camp, this would be an extra, optional shirt).  We will not be ordering extras of this shirt and they will not be available for order after June 17th.

“Skeeter Shirt” Ordering Has Closed

BSA - Troop 108 Summer Camp T-shirt Design

Swim tests for summer camp – June 2nd & 3rd only

We appologize for the short notice,  but our ability to do our pre-camp troop swim tests came together at tonight’s meeting.

We will have ONLY two swim test opportunities prior to summer camp, and these are on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week at 7pm at the YMCA at Baxter.

Scouts should either wear a troop t-shirt or their uniform shirt so they are easily identifiable as being with our troop and will be admitted without charge.  Scouts should also bring a towel to use to dry off following the tests.

Scouts unable to make either of these opportunities may take their swim test upon arrival at summer camp in July.

2015 Troop 108 Summer Camp T-shirts Now Available For Purchase


BSA - Troop 108 Summer Camp T-shirt Design

Scouts attending summer camp with Troop 108 will get a Camp Ho Non Wah t-shirt as part of their summer camp fee.  The troop also wanted to make a Troop 108 t-shirt available for purchase for those that might be interested.

The troop t-shirt will be made of the moisture-wicking material that will help keep our scouts comfortable in muggy conditions.

Cost for the troop t-shirt is $10 each up to and including size XL.  After that, each additional larger size will be an additional $1.50.  Once you have selected your scout’s size you can use the payment button to pay for your shirt(s).

Shirts can be ordered from June 1st until June17, 2015.  The items will become available for purchase and be removed from availability automagically by the website on these dates.

“Skeeter Shirt” Orders Have Closed


Troop 108 Summer Court of Honor – May 18th

We will have our Court of Honor this coming Monday,  May 18th, in Unity Presbyterian’s Fellowship Hall.

Our Parent meeting will start at 6:30pm, followed by the Court of Honor at 7pm.

If everyone could bring a finger food of some type for the reception that follows, that would be great.  Leaders are providing drinks.

Thank you all again and see you Monday!