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04/18/2016 Meeting is the Monthly PLC Only Meeting

BSA - PLC Header

The patrol leaders’ council is made up of the senior patrol leader, who presides over the meetings; the assistant senior patrol leader, all patrol leaders, and the troop guide(s). The patrol leaders’ council plans the yearly troop program at the annual troop program planning conference. It then meets monthly to fine-tune the plans for the upcoming month.

Only members of the PLC or Patrol Leader’s Council (listed above) need to attend monthly PLC meetings.  The PLC is held on the Monday following the second Thursday (which is district roundtable night) so that any information brought up at the district roundtable can be considered in planning for the upcoming month’s meetings and future outings.

There is no official opening or closing and it will end as soon as the Patrol Leader’s Council has completed their meeting.

Earthday Canoeing Event & Troop Campout

Earthday 2015

Troop 108 provides canoes for Earthday attendees to enjoy to paddle around the lake near the Dairy Barn on the ASC Greenway between 10AM and 2PM.  This year we will stay after the Earthday festivities are over and camp overnight in the field near the lake we’ll be canoeing in.

Parents are asked to drop off their scout(s) with their camping gear at 9AM on Saturday at the Dairy Barn.  Please make sure all scouts bring their scout book with them to work on activities after 2 o’clock.

Scouts and their gear can be picked up at the Dairy Barn starting at 9AM on Sunday morning.  Parents are reminded to please be timely in picking up your scouts.

Fee for the event is $15.00 (plus a small Paypal fee).


Register for the Earthday Campout Event By Clicking Here


Attendee List for Earthday and Troop Camping

1.) Harrison Carter
2.) Connor Cleeland
3.) Caeden Intemann
4.) Charlie Kresser
5.) Zachary Ludolph
6.) Josue Perla
7.) Ben Ross
8.) Noah Ross
9.) Joshua Scott
10.) Garrett Studer
11.) Jamie Tann
12.) Dane Weddle



Make A Summer Camp Payment Of Any Amount Using The Button In The Sidebar on the Right Side Of This Website.

We’ve added a convenient button on the right side of this screen that allows you to enter any amount to submit it to the troop via Paypal toward summer camp.  Keep in mind that Paypal will keep a small amount to process your payment, so use the calculator located HERE and look in the green box on that website to determine how much to add to your payment so that the troop receives the correct end amount.

Family Life Merit Badge beginning on Monday, April 11th, 2016


Mrs. Ludolph will be leading the eagle-required Family Life Merit Badge beginning at 7pm on Monday, April 11th, 2016.  This is for scouts who are First Class rank and above.

Come prepared with something to write on and something to write with.  The requirements for the merit badge can be found by Clicking Here and the workbook for the merit badge can be found by Clicking Here.


BSA - Council Camporee 2016 Patch


Coming up on April 1st through the 3rd at the Winthrop Athletic Complex in Rock Hill is the annual council camporee event.  This event will have scouts from all over the 6 counties of Palmetto Council together in one location for a fun-filled event where there will be merit badge classes and other fun activities.  The weekend will be a busy one, so the scouts have been relieved of cooking duty too – the food is provided and has been included in the cost of the event – $25.00.

Scouts should plan on dropping by the troops meeting location next Monday night, March 14th, from 7pm until 8pm during the Patrol Members Council night to submit their desired merit badge selections and pay for the event.  Mr. Whitesell will be available to get you signed up at that drop-off night.  There are two blocks for merit badge classes during the day (see below) select one badge from each of the two blocks.  There are also some merit badges that will be taught on Saturday night as well that can be selected in addition to the two daytime merit badge blocks.  There are also three more detailed merit badges that will take longer to work on and will require both Blocks 1 & 2 and are listed below as “All Morning” classes.

BSA - CC Merit Badge Blocks - Morning

BSA - CC Merit Badge Blocks

BSA - CC Merit Badge Blocks - twilight

Scouts should select one merit badge from Block 1, one merit badge from Block 2 (or one merit badge from the “all morning” group) and one merit badge from the Twilight merit badge offerings (if they don’t already have them) and bring those (written down with their name on it) along with payment of $25 to the March 14th PLC meeting between 7pm and 8pm to give to Mr. Whitesell.

Here is additional information on the event:


  • Every merit badge course has a maximum limit.  Once the maximum capacity has been reached, the online
    system will not allow you to register.
  • Each unit is responsible for providing appropriate leadership (at least 2 adults).
  • Our registration system is designed for unit registration ONLY.  Scouts should not sign up on their own
  • Food is being provided.  Troops will not have to cook.
  • Cost:  $25/participant.  Includes food and camping fees.



  • Check-in
  • Movie Night


  • Morning:  Merit Badge Courses
    • Block 1:  8:30-10:15
    • Block 2:  10:30-12:15
  • Morning:  Adult Training Sessions (Backpacking, Leave No Trace, Handheld GPS, & One Pot Meals)
    • Session 1:  9:00 am
    • Session 2:  10:00 am
    • Session 3:  11:00 am
  • Afternoon:  Troop competitions
  • Night:  Campfire
  • Night:  Twilight Courses
    • 7:00-8:45


  • Chapel
  • Check-out

Camp Cards Are Coming! Scouts Earn $5 From Each Card Sold To Go Toward The Cost Of A Scouting Event

BSA - 0316 - CC_York-CatWe’re excited about the offerings on the 2016 Camp Cards that will soon be available for scouts to check out to sell.  Click on the image of the card to see a larger image.  Cards sell for $10 each and the scout keeps a full $5 from each card sold.

This is a great way to earn money to be used for the upcoming Philmont Trek or Summer Camp.

Cards will be made available for check out on Monday, March 14th during the PLC night and the remaining cards/money must be returned to the troop no later than then April 11th.

Have Questions?  Check with ASM John Bisel who is heading up the Camp Card efforts.

Reminder: Summer Camp Deposit Needed By March 7th

Please sign up for Summer Camp with $35 deposit by March 7 by clicking below


Summer Camp 2016 – Commitment Deposit

Summer Camp 2016 – Commitment Deposit of $35
(actually $36.36)

Scouts not making the commitment payment on time will not be eligible for the early bird savings that is available when signing scouts up for camp by the deadline and making the $35 per scout reservation fee.

Sam’s Eagle Project Slated For March 5 &12, 2016


Sam C will be conducting his Eagle Project at Troop 108’s sponsor, Unity Presbyterian Church, on two upcoming Saturdays – March 5th & 12th, 2016.   Work will begin at 9am with a safety meeting, project description and task assignments.  Plans are to work until 5pm both days.

Wear clothes that can get dirty and/or get paint on them.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Register Now For The New Scout Campout – March 11-12, 2016 @ ASC Greenway

The 2016 new member campout is a great time to welcome our troop’s newest members and to get to know them better and help them feel like a part of our group. We will be camping in the established campsites near the Rush Pavilion on the ASC Greenway (come in the entrance off of Hwy 21 Bypass opposite Colthorpe Road).

Scouts can be dropped off with their gear begining at 5pm on Friday, March 11th picked up no later than 5pm on March 12th, 2016.  Both the drop off and pick up locations are the same – The Rush Pavilion on the ASC Greenway.

ASM Tracy Ross will be working with those scouts who are taking the backpacking merit badge on Saturday during the campout.  They will learn to pack a pack, cook some on-the-trail type meals and wrap up the day with a hike that will get them back to the pavilion in time to be picked up by their parents.

Cost is $10 (a small paypal fee will be added if you pay online making your total $10.61)

Come and get to know our new Scouts!!!!

Register For the New Member Campout

Attendee List for 2016 New Member Campout

1.) Aaron Cecil
2.) Jack Lee
3.) Ethan Mercado
4.) Eric Morgenstern
5.) Josue Perla
6.) Jonathan Pool
7.) Trevor Puzzio
8.) Ben Ross
9.) Joshua Scott
10.) Caleb Starnes
11.) Garrett Studer



Prepared for Life!

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