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Summer Camp Packing List Info

Below is a link to items that a scout might consider taking with him to summer camp.  If you have any questions, ask any troop leader for clarification. Even though this list is a year old, all items listed are accurate for the 2017 event as well.

Packing List for Summer Camp

More information on where and when we will depart on July 2nd and return on July 8th be coming later

Don’t forget that we have a swim test scheduled to happen tomorrow night.  Check your weekly troop newsletters that arrive via email (if your email address is up-to-date in Troopmaster) for the link to get signed up.  Registration ends tonight.

It is important to note that all BSA Health Forms (Parts A, B and C) are due to be turned in no later than the troop meeting on June 19th.  If this presents a problem, please speak with the Scoutmaster.